samsung y as a modem

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Hi all i thaught i would shere this one as i struggled to do this myself.
Im now connecting to the web via my samsung y, but viewing this on my pc.
I hope that made sence :o)
Ok this is how i did it.
Connect the mobile to the pc with the supplied cable (it connects to the usb socket on the pc)
Enable tethering on the phone...
Aperently that should give a www connection , but on my pc using xp that alone wasnt enough.
After a lot of faffing about and dead ends i found that i needed a download called kies.
I googles samsung support , downloaded it and hey presto.
If i needed it again i would google samsung kies , or samsung kies download.
Its a bit on the slow side but hey it works.
Shame i never sussed it before i bought a dongle, hope this may help someone out there.


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Does it depend on whether your mobile service provider allows tethering?

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Hovr looks to know what he is talking about.
Im no expert but as the phone comes with a lead to connect to the pc, and the samsung site lets u do the download...
aparenty u dont ned the download if you run windows 7, but for xp u do.
I havent asked my service provider as it all seems geared up for people to do it.
But i dare say someone somewhere would say no to it, at the end of the day its up to you to decide.
My eyes are quite bad and the phone is quite small, i keep hitting the wrong letter while surfing the net.
We have no landline so to me it is very handy.
Oh the samsung y also has another handy feature, it can be used as a wifi hotspot.
Im new to the i phone milarky , maybe they all do that.
In other words if my cranky old pc had inbuilt wifi, i could let it connect via my phones wifi hotspot.
same difference but no usb connected to the pc.
It may sound like im saying hey get a samsung y lol , as im not its a cheapy really put on the market for teenagers.
It was all i could afford :o)
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