Saracen Hack 02 58cm 2014

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    Saracen Hack 02



    I purchased this bike new in December 2015, and since that date I have ridden it 3050 miles, and it has taken me this long to realise the bike is a bit too small for me.

    The original spec of this bike was a Tiagra 10 speed groupset (4600). You can read a very comprehensive review about this bike here:

    In the 2 and a bit years of ownership, the bike has been upgraded as follows:

    Brakes changed to TRP HY/RD

    wheels replaced with Fulcrum racing sport CX DB.

    Shifters replaced with 105 5700 - neatly hiding the cables under the bar tape.

    Rear derailleur is 105 5700 10 speed, long cage

    Rear cassette is Tiagra 4600 11-34, to help with those hills

    Tyres are Schwalbe CX Comp 700x35C with plentry of life left in them.

    Giant Connect X-R flared handlebars are fitted

    I have uploaded a screenshot of my Strava account showing you the mileage of some of the components. The wheels are pretty much brand new!

    Everything else is stock, i.e, or has been replaced with the equivalent.

    Front derailleur is tiagra

    Bottom bracket is original

    Saddle is a Charge spoon

    M520 SPD pedals

    I have put on some new (cheap) camo handlebar tape

    I have replaced all inner cables less than a week ago.

    If you look at the Saracen website you can get the geometry chart for this bike. The recommended rider height is. 5ft10 -6ft2. I am 6ft2 (188cm) and I find this bike slightly too aggressive for me. The stack is just not high enough.

    The frame is in great condition, with heli tape fitted in various locations. There are a couple of minor chips and scrapes, but these have been touched up with a similar colour nail polish. There is what appears to be a chip underneath the brake mounting point on the forks. Please see below posted thread for further details. This could be a crack, or it could be a scrape.

    This is a great bike for those bridleways and gravel roads.

    The bike is located in Rugby, Warwickshire. £350 is what I am asking. I don't want to post the bike, so collection would be required.

    Sorry, the pics are not the best, but it's snowing and raining outside, so indoor pics will have to do.

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    For the sake of completeness given you were concerned yourself, although responses suggest it's no issue :smile:
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