1. graham bowers

    Saracen Ventoux age?

    I've been given a Saracen Ventoux road bike by my next door neighbour. Not sure if it qualifies as vintage / classic ?? Hardly been used by the look of it. It's got Shimano Sora 2 x 7 speed gears. Clearly entry level spec but now I've modded it to fit me, I quite like it. I've changed the...
  2. bigjim

    Saracen Skyline 25inch frame. Sold.

    Bike is in beautiful condition as it has had very little use. It is however very comfortable and surprisingly nimble. I bought it in 2003 and it was 4 weeks old at the time. Local postman bought it and found it was too big and returned it to the shop. I've fitted auxiliary brakes for extra...
  3. S

    Saracen 26" MTB Frame??

    I found an old rigid 26" MTB frame sitting on top of a bin the other day, as you do..... No parts on it apart from an old Sachs-Huret rear mech with quite a long cage, so it looks like a MTB mech, not a swapped-on road one.. I want to identify what bike it is, how old it is, and whether the...
  4. pclay

    Saracen Hack 02 58cm 2014

    Saracen Hack 02 2014 58cm I purchased this bike new in December 2015, and since that date I have ridden it 3050 miles, and it has taken me this long to realise the bike is a bit too small for me. The original spec of this bike was a Tiagra 10 speed groupset (4600). You can read a very...
  5. Kernow_T

    Sold** Trying elsewhere: 2015 Saracen Mantra hard tail MTB (unridden)

    Purchased 2 years ago for uni but not turned a wheel and unlikely to in the next two years. 19" frame (L) Immaculate condition (obviously); just the odd tiny sign of storage/transit £280
  6. Jamieyorky

    reluctant sale of my Saracen tour1

    Very reluctant sale of my Saracen tour 1, I've owned this bike around 2 years now and the bike has been fantastic, very well looked after by me and by the previous owner looking at the frame ( only a few light marks on the frame). The frame is a 2008 Ali 7005 frame/fork, size 54cm. Vintage...
  7. NeilT21

    2 bikes for sale - Boardman Comp and Saracen AWOL

    I have now bought a hybrid bike and and ready to thin out my bikes to make room for it. Two for sale, a Boardman Comp and a Saracen AWOL MTB. I don't know what size either are, but I am 5'7" and the bikes as pictured are set up for my height (hopefully that should give you a good idea...
  8. redvision95


    With the new addition to the bike collection (now at 7) er indoors has now made her orders clear, I have to thin down the bike collection or she will do it for me. Starting with the least used, The Saracen has to go. I purchased this bike from my half brother who is also a member on here, who...
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