Saracens are relegated for persistent salary cap issues

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Some of the comments in the story suggest opponents are still not happy.

It does appear as if Saracens has accepted relegation in exchange for what went on being left firmly brushed under the carpet.

It also appears they will continue the over payments until the end of the season.

I suppose they may be contractually obliged to do so, leaving aside the fact those contracts, taken together, are in breach of the rules of rugby.


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My daughters feller plays for them, having recently making it to the big boys league from Wasps. I think he does ok, but haven't noticed him lighting cigars with fifties lately.
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Saracens "accept" the relegation and "apologise for the mistakes made".

Not only do they cheat. They lie off the top of their heads.

"Mistake" my arxe. 😜


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Yes, the cheats have effectively got away with it.
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