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Elmer Fudd

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Now I've done this before but me brains a bit (?) addled at the mo !

I want to save some web pages to folders in my documents but I cant remember how the hell I did it. I've added pages to favourites before now but a couple of months later they're no longer on line. Grrr!

Help appreciated

Should've mentioned good ole XP
sorry mate have not got a clue?


to save a web page to my docs go to file, save as , at the save in box, make sure it says My Docs, then press save, the web page will be saved to my docs and then it will be available offline


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If it's just the image of the web page - a snapshot - then Alt-PrtScreen will put the image onto the clipboard for you to paste in the doc' of your choice.


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The best solution depends on what you want from the saved files, but I'll throw another option into the ring:

Install PDFCreator (free of charge). PDFCreator pretends to be a printer, so whatever you 'print' to it will be saved as a PDF/Adobe Acrobat file complete with all the pictures, layout and so on. Obviously you can print from most software and that includes whatever web browser you are using.
Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
Nice little prog that barq, cheers ! A lot easier than my old method, which is probably why I can't remember how I did it ! Plus this one doesn't save all the ads either (well, so far !)
I also print to a PDF file when I find something interesting, it's a great way to keep a copy of Internet pages.

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