Scalped by a Mole


Mrs VC and I did the Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10K this morning. About 4km in we were jogging along, passing the usual collection of fairies and super heroes when a six foot Mole came powering past us :sad:

There he was, button nose bobbing, big shovel hands flapping about, and giving it legs. I wasn't having this and set off after him. It took nearly 50 yards to realise that I'd left Mrs VC behind and was making a right twonk of myself :rofl: So I had to let him go and accept that I'm no match for a burrowing animal.:smile:

A great morning though and a couple of hundred quid raised for Jane's Appeal :biggrin:


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There was a mole in one of the traps this morning. That brings the total to 7 so far in 3 days. Cute little buggers it must be said.


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When I was on holiday aged 9 I saw a mole that had been caught in a trap left on top of a fencepost. It was so cute despite being pretty much chopped in half. I was horrified, at home when we got mice we used the humane traps that let you release them in the wild, I didn't realise that these things even existed. (I was a sensitive child, and am now a vegetarian.)


We used to see just their hands paws left on fences. They did look a bit grim. Isn't it for payment purposes?


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Panter said:
Yes! in Wales.

Apparently it has to be a certain number of moles, and it has a name, but I know no more.

Grotesque sight, that's for sure :tongue:
Not sure about moles specifically as the display may have included other 'pests' but saw such things in Northumberland in the late sixties. The were known as a gamekeeper's gibbet.


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Still see it around here, saw it a few weeks ago. It's the mole-catcher's way of showing the farmer the results.

We used to have a mole in the field at the back of the house and our cat used to go out and used the mounds of nice soft soil as her bathroom. Then she caught and killed the mole so now there are no more mounds. She's not very bright, our cat.

Mind you, when I found the mole and picked it up for a look it was an amazingly muscular little beast, just a heavy slug of power with four tiny arms and clawed feet.


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Globalti said:
an amazingly muscular little beast, just a heavy slug of power with four tiny arms and clawed feet.
"slug of power", yes, I like that :tongue:

Sorry 3bm, they are death traps. :blush: i couldn't find a humane (gosh, nearly forgot the 'e' there :biggrin: ) trap but I do now know how to build one. I only trap when I have to. That is, when the misses gets annoyed with moles popping up in flower beds! It was either her or them!!


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Interesting stuff (Googling.) It does just seem to be a way of the mole catcher demonstrating his prowess.

I came across a mole years ago, it was running along the road against the kerb when I was walking to school with a friend.
He picked it up to rescue it and promptly got bitten.
Anyway, we somehow captured it and released it into a field further up the road.
Beautiful creature, I didn't realise they were classed as pests.
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