Schadenfreude on friday's ride home

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by downfader, 14 Jul 2012.

  1. downfader

    downfader extimus uero philosophus

    Traffic has been bad in Southampton of late. Lots of car people complaining about the road works in the local paper, but on a bike you can just ride past. So friday I'm going home from work, I pull up to the main road, traffic going right is backed up but I'm going left. Traffic coming is all turning left onto my road and in the process of having slowed and starting the turn. I guess people are trying to avoid the jams by the row of indicators flashing (and its a 50:50 chance they'll use them down here).

    I turn left and build up speed. A traffic island 30 feet ahead, and lights just going green another 50 feet after that. Inside I'm starting to think "yes, clear road ahead AND momentum!" But thats rudely interrupted by a guy in a black Mazda sports car on the left HERE.

    Creeping up with me at speed and holding down the horn I turn as the guy draws parallel in the right turn lane. He's leaning over the passenger seat and giving me hand gestures. You'd think he appreciated the fact I was doing 25mph?

    I'll admit, I've not had a great week. This is kind of the last straw, I just got time to shout "Why dont you pull over and tell me what the problem is!!?" I'm not proud at confrontation, it was amusing to see him look at me and with a look of "oh christ, he's going faster than I thought." A crunch of gears and he shoots off at speed nearly going into the back of the bus stopped at the stop HERE. How he stopped is just luck imo.

    I see him look around and again in a kind of "he's gaining on me??" as he whips the wheel around and tears off neatly cutting up a bus in the inside lane. I have to admit that I'd not bothered to chase, this was simply my turn of speed I'd had a moment's reflection, but it did make me giggle that he seemed to want to give it out and then panicked when he thought he was about to be confronted.

    Oh and as my mates would say - it was a chick's car.:laugh: Second time in four days I've been beeped at too, the last time was because I wouldn't ride on the "cycle path" on the left HERE. Some huge woman in a people carrier was going mental about it. :laugh:
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  2. sabian92

    sabian92 Über Member

    Always makes me laugh when properly fat people have a go. As if they have a right (not that anybody else does but they have even less) to have a go at people exercising.

    I've not had it yet but I can't wait for my first fatty abuse. :laugh:
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  3. Miquel In De Rain

    Miquel In De Rain No Longer Posting

    fank firk they don't liv in east lunnon.
  4. johnr

    johnr Über Member

    We've got a year-long road project on my commute. They've just started temporary traffic lights which lead to half-mile tail backs at eight at night. Do they not like whistling velocopedists sailing past :angel:
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  5. This sort of thing? (posted before)
  6. OP

    downfader extimus uero philosophus

    I'm certainly not the slimmest myself. I'm about 15 stone. But I'm not going to shout at joggers coming my way on the pavement, or skinny people who dawdle when they get lost in the corridor at work :laugh:

    John, temporary traffic lights are hilarious. There were a set on a long stretch of Hill lane in Southampton a couple of years back, I'd ride up to the front, get off and walk along the pavement past the works. Get back on and you can almost see the look in some drivers' eyes " You cant do THAT!!?"

    Mind you someone got frustrated with the temporary lights on Southeast Road and vandalised them recently. It became a free-for-all right at the bottom of the hill.
  7. Maylian

    Maylian Senior Member

    Got to admit the two abuses from drivers in Soton have all resulted in the driver looking nervous when he realises he's picked on someone very tall and in considerably better shape than them. Got to admit I don't miss cycling in Shirley though, if it wasn't the pot holes the traffic lined roads are just a nuissance.
  8. OP

    downfader extimus uero philosophus

    It can be alright. Though you can see why some people ride their bikes on the pavements around there (work mate included, though our little talk hasnt dissuaded him).
  9. Arjimlad

    Arjimlad Tights of Cydonia

    South Glos
    "You should be on the cycle path"
    Reply : -
    "You should be on an exercise bike !"
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  10. "You should be on the *****n' cyclepath you ****!!!"
    "You should be on Jeremy Kyle!" followed with a blown kiss :thanks:
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