Schwalbe Supreme VS the New Schwalbe X-One Speed?


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the supremes are nice tyres, light, one of the best rolling resistances in its class, but not much offroad grip,nothing much came close to them before.

but now seems like there is released SCHWALBE X-ONE Speed Tyre , it's even rated a bit higher in rolling resistance then the marathon, is even more lighter AND has got good grip- all based on what's written on the website ( what's the reality and How they have achieved that, I have no idea)

Has anyone maybe got a chance to test out the new x-one speed? Any Data about rolling resistance?


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X-One Speed is a cyclocross tyre. No way is it going to be as fast as a Supreme on road, not with those knobbles. If you're doing CX/gravel riding then yes, a better bet for sure (because of those knobbles, etc). I don't think Schwalbe's ratings are meant to be used across tyre classes, but within them (i.e. a road tyre with max puncture resistance won't be as tough as a M+....).
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