1. S

    Schwalbe 29x2.1 Rocket Ron

    Hi, I'm looking for 1 Scwalbe 29x2.1 Rocket Ron super race or super ground I can't find a high street/recognised online dealer (preferred). Can anyone recommend an ebay supplier? Cheers.
  2. sevenfourate

    Schwalbe 700 x 18-28c Innertubes. Presta 60mm valves. Pair = £10 posted 😎

    Says 700 x 18-28c: I used the same on 32c Tyres with no issues… Pair of quality tubes ( Brand new and unused) for just £10 posted to your door 👍 Messaging through here is probably best 😎
  3. P

    Schwalbe pro one Evo pair

    25mm 700c Evo Super race V guard tubeless Brand new in the box never opened x2 85 pounds delivered
  4. zomarzi

    Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 26 x 1.6

    A pair of Supremes for £40 Pics on request
  5. Lovacott

    700c Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre Too Big For 700c Hybrid Wheel???

    Bought a Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700x38c tyre yesterday from the LBS and it is too big for the wheel (too large in diameter)? With the tyre bead set in the rim, there is a good inch and a half of excess baggage. It would easily fit a 29" wheel. The tyre also seems too fat for a 38c. I'm...
  6. straas

    Schwalbe marathon racer wrecked?

    First puncture on my brompton since purchase and a few hundred Kms. Tracing the source of the puncture it looks like the tyre has worn through completely at the sidewall. Seems odd for a tyre with such little use??
  7. Chris S

    Fake Schwalbe tyres?

    I saw a bike on Gumtree that had been fitted with Schwalbe 590mm tyres. The equivalent imperial size is 1 1/2" yet these have 1 3/8 on the sidewall. An established company such as Schwalbe should know the correct imperial size. Is it possible that these tyres are counterfeit copies?
  8. DCBassman

    Schwalbe website

    Now giving a 404 Page Not Found (Seite nicht gefunden) for any language other than German, despite a top right language selection. Hopefully just a glitch?
  9. stoatsngroats

    Schwalbe Airless tyres...?

    Schwalbe Airless At €84 per tyre, I’m not sure I would be looking at this, even if it were available in the UK, which it currently is not. It does look like an improvement over Tannus, which to be fair I have no personal experience. The Schwalbe looks to be using a similar tyre to standard, so...
  10. DCBassman

    Schwalbe Tyres for 26"/559 wheels that are like Cuty Jets, but are not City Jets

    As they appear to have been discontinued... :( Recommendations, please! I don't need any right now, and there are still loads to be had. But I've nowhere to stash such things, so need ideas for the future. Some good deals around at the minute, too, irritatingly...
  11. The Rover

    schwalbe g-one speed 30mm??

    Evening. Ive recently put some tubeless tyres on the summer and gravel bike so I’m keen to put tubeless on a new winter bike that’s being built. ( a genesis datum with 105, mud guards and plenty of clearance ). Im using 28mm at the moment on my current winter bike but fancy trying some 30mm...
  12. wafter

    One Schwalbe Marathon Plus, 26x1.35" / 559-35mm, £6, Oxford - NOW SOLD

    As above, nearly new having covered probably less than 50 dry miles on my now-sold Ofo. This originally cost me £13 from SJS cycles, discounted as "mis-shapen from storage". It's a bit wonky but worked fine on the front of my Ofo and sits square once mounted; I had issues with another fitted...
  13. All uphill

    SOLDPair of 26x1 3/8, 590 Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres

    I bought these for a build that went in a different direction. 2 26 x 1 3/8 Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres with white/tan sidewalls. Please note these are ISO 37x590 or 650 x 35a, NOT the usual 26" mountain bike tyres. Please check these are what you need. They are still in their packaging as...
  14. 120308

    Pair of Schwalbe G-One Allround, 700x35.

    Pair of Schwalbe G-One Allround, 700x35. I bought them new in August, about 120 miles use. One tyre is perfect. One tyre has a small area of surface rubber lifted near to the bead. I didn’t notice this until I removed the tyre. Don’t know what caused this as both tyres were easily fitted by...
  15. C

    Schwalbe 16/18" AV4 Inner Tube (Schrader) £2.99

    Just a heads up that these are £3 on Amazon at present: View: Which is somewhat galling when I just bought some for double that . . :cry:
  16. HobbesOnTour

    Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tyres

    Just thought I'd throw this up here as it may be of use to some. I've read reviews of Mondial tyres having weak sidewalls and my experience confirms this. The pictures attached are of a tyre removed yesterday. There's a distinct pattern of wear on both sides of the sidewall, although it's...
  17. rogerzilla

    Schwalbe quality control

    Duranos aren't my favourite tyre (the blow-off pressure is laughably low, lower than the minimum pressure on better tyres) but they are quite comfortable. I got a new pair last week but the front one has a "kink" in it which is obvious when spinning the wheel or riding. The rim is perfectly...
  18. G

    Schwalbe City Jet vs Conti Speed tyre?

    So whilst fixing up my old Carrera Subway, I replaced the no-name Innov tyres with some City Jets for hopefully a bit of a speed boost. I know it's probably a bit late in the day, however I wonder if I should've gone with the Conti's instead. Any thoughts? Or would there not really be much...
  19. jamin100

    Vision Team 35 Wheelset / GP4000sII & Schwalbe One Tyres

    Vision Team 35 clincher rim brake wheelset. Not had much use as they were on a bike for about 8 months until the were swapped out. Come with QR Skewers These are collection only from south Birmingham (B62) £160 1 x used pair of continental GP4000sII tyres 25c. One tyre has a small pea...
  20. D

    Trying to get a pair of Schwalbe Smart Sam's

    Whilst out on the Ebike on the 12th I got a puncture, on investigation I found this in the tyre Although I thought I could risk another tube it would be a weak point so decided to buy another tyre, so ordered a replacement from ebay (well 2) on the 12th with delivery on the 15th, tracking...
  21. Justinitus

    Schwalbe Tyre Help Please!

    Hi all. 2 new Rocket Ron Addix Speed tubeless tyres just arrived. One of them appears to have some of the coating inside the tyre missing. A few patches along about 1/3rd of the tyre. The other tyre is perfect. It’s definitely a coating that’s missing, not a stain! Question for the more...
  22. wafter


    I love riding modern bikes but to be honest I'm not sold on a lot of the "advances" made in the cycling world over past decades; it seems that what we have now isn't necessarily simply "better" than what we had 30-40yrs ago. Granted there have been some very welcome and legit improvements; but...
  23. Lien Sdrawde

    Schwalbe Almotion tyre, where for art thou?

    Really fancy the Schwalbe Almotion tyre (700x 32), but can't seem to find a supplier anywhere. Any advice appreciated.
  24. Maherees

    Alternative Schwalbe G ones?

    Hi all, Spent some of the day plugging my tubeless tyres after a ride yesterday, 3 punctures, so just wondering if there is a more robust tyres out there for light off road and rough road use . Not off road I use my mtb for that. Thanks
  25. Richard A Thackeray

    Schwalbe Citizen

    Has anyone used them/want to comment? Planet X are selling them at a good price, at the moment, & they're the reflective sidewall derivative too, which is rather good Sadly, they're only in a '35' section (I'm on '28') They seem...
  26. Heltor Chasca

    Schwalbe Marathon Supremes 26 x 2.0

    Nearly ready to change my tyres on my Surly Disc Trucker (touring bike) There’s loads of clearance even with mudguards. I swap out to ice studs and knobblies up to 26 x 2.1 I quite fancy the Schwalbe Marathon Supremes 26 x 2.0 pictured below. They do 1.6 too but I like the idea of ballooning...
  27. lilolee

    SOLD : Schwalbe Kojak Brompton Tan wall Tyre x 2 NEW

    Thought about fitting these to my non Brompton folder but it turns out these would be too tight a fit. £80 inc UK P&P
  28. marshmella

    Schwalbe marathon plus punctured

    I know you may need to read the title twice, but yes , my front tyre succumbed today whilst on the Tissington trail. Had a great ride out with my lad,weather just about perfect and about a mile from Ashbourne with 29 miles done i saw the front was down with something sticking in it Turned out...
  29. tom73

    Schwalbe to stop making tubular tyres Costing too much not to they say wonder if other will follow ?
  30. winjim

    Schwalbe Big Apple balloon tyres

    Bike's had an annoying little bump once per wheel rev. Inspected the tyres and there's a bit of an indentation on one. Looks like a defect to me but I've no experience with these massive tyres. Thoughts? Schwalbe Big Apple 60-559
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