Schwalbe City Jet vs Conti Speed tyre?


So whilst fixing up my old Carrera Subway, I replaced the no-name Innov tyres with some City Jets for hopefully a bit of a speed boost. I know it's probably a bit late in the day, however I wonder if I should've gone with the Conti's instead. Any thoughts? Or would there not really be much noticeable difference in rolling resistance between the two?
Not used the Contis but definitely have a soft spot for City Jets! Have used both sizes, all good.


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No experience of the conti's but I used City Jets on my last touring bike.
Perfectly fine for every type of surface except for ice/snow/deep mud. Loads of grip in the wet and they rolled perfectly fine too.
I still have a few sitting in the back garden as the new bike runs on 700c's.


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I used to have City Jets and they were good if a bit puncture prone - but the streets they had to cope with would've punctured pretty much everything this side of a Marathon Plus. Haven't tried the Continentals.
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