Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe 7

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I work as a volunteer at a bike charity called Back2bikes in Stafford since I retired back at the end of Feb this year. We've just had a Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe 7 donated in seriously good condition. You don't come across these every day or even once every blue moon. The charity refurbishes used bikes and sells them cheaply to the public. This one has a price tag of £300 which is a crazily cheap price but obviously the market for these machines is somewhat limited. It's not the sort of bike you pop to the shops on. It's a real eye catcher but I guess more for a collector than a 'get out there' cyclist.

If anyone can tell me how to post a photo of it on here I'd be grateful. I've tried attaching a file but I guess the file size is too big. It needs seeing, that's for sure. If anyone is interested Back2bikes can be contacted on 01785 257483. They're open 10am till 5pm weekdays and 10 till 4 on Saturdays. You'll need to speak to Dan, the manager, as I only work there on a Monday.

I'm giving everyone on the forum this heads up before it gets put on eBay. To a collector it really is an opportunity. I doubt very much if we're going to get a member of the public coming in for this type of bike 😉

P.s. think I may have solved the upload problem!


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