1. Gravity Aided

    Schwinn Passage Tourer

    I ran across this frame in another forum, and drove about 60 miles north to meet the seller, who had this as a frame he wanted to sell. I had one from the previous year once, and had ridden it so long that I had gotten the frame all noodly. It had a hard life before I got it, and all the miles I...
  2. Rebuild1961

    Schwinn Predator Pro BMX

    Hello all. Just picked this up and looking for date of manufacture. All original, replaced front and crank bearings and removed junk stickers added by previous owner. Not touching the frame paint, leaving it original as found. I was told it could be possibly a Brian Foster Edition but cannot...
  3. E

    Schwinn Admiral Review

    I bought this at a discounted price (£112) from Wiggle, and with an extra voucher code I got 10% off. I then got a call from Wiggle to say they'd found a little cracked paint around the bottle cage holder, so gave me a £25 voucher. The bike is no longer available but I have seen it in Argos...
  4. E

    Schwinn Admiral

    Hey guys, my home-converted single speed is getting very old and tired and I fancied a dedicated "classic" style commuter with proper mudguards, a few gears and pannier etc. This one came up for what seems to be a bargain: Has anyone...
  5. Cumisky

    Schwinn Le Tour

    Thought I'd share a few pictures of one of my other vintage rides, a 1979 Schwinn Le Tour. Fully original, as far as I can tell, I bought this for eroica, though bought unseen, it turned out to be too big for me so has been languishing under a tarp ever since. Given the recent nice weather, I...
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