Scott Contessa CR1 Team VGC OIRO £500


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This is my wife's old bike, which we are selling as she now has a new one (obviously) and we could do with the space and money.

Bike was purchased new in April 2012 and has been used regularly until the middle of 2016. During that time it has been regularly maintained, having had all new cables, new Grand Prix 4000S tyres and a chain. Has been ridden in all weathers, but always cleaned after mucky rides and has had mudguards in the wet. No significant wear on any parts, drivetrain is solid and changes gear perfectly and bottom bracket is smooth and quiet. The frame has a small chip by the dropout on one side, but apart from that is in very good condition, with no significant scratches or marks.

The original saddle has never been used, but refitted for the sale. Different handlebars were fitted for most of our ownership, again the originals have been re-fitted, with new tape. No pedals will be supplied.

Frame is carbon, with substantial tubing making for a very stiff bike and good power transfer. There are flexible points engineered into the seat stays for a bit of cushioning, making the ride a little more comfortable. Size is 52cm, and the geometry is women's specific, so a shorter top tube. Colour is mainly white with green and purple highlights.

Drivetrain is all Shimano 105, 10 speed and has always been faultless in operation. Brakes work well, and have had spacers fitted to the levers to set them closer to the bars. If you don't have small hands, these can be removed of course.

Wheels are the original Mavic Aksium Race and whilst they are not superlight, they have been perfectly good and have stayed absolutely true. Personally I think they look pretty good too, with nice flat spokes. As mentioned before, Continental Grand Prix 4000S tyres have been fitted, 23mm versions, with plenty of life left in them. We've always used 23mm tyres on this bike, simply because that's what it came with, but it looks like it would easily take 25mm wide rubber too.

Original cost was £1800 and we are looking for around £500 as is. Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and not really keen on shipping, as we don't have anything to pack it in, so would much prefer a local buyer.

I think that's everything to say, and will add some pictures, but if there's anything I have forgotten, or anyone wants to know, I'll be happy to answer any questions.IMG_20170205_150926_zps5vwhlcq7.jpg IMG_20170205_150911_zpsmwxljl8k.jpg IMG_20170205_150845_zpsmy1sfqsi.jpg IMG_20170205_150723_zpsrgygjvqs.jpg IMG_20170205_150713_zpsqnnch9bg.jpg


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