Scott CR1 Comp or Orbea Onix 105


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Right have a decision to make.

A Scott CR1 Comp or an Orbea Onix 105. Both very good bikes, both Carbon, Both very easy on the sys, Orbea is slighty heavier about 2 lbs or so, both have 105 gear sets. Scott comes in at £1589 Orbea comes in at £1499.

Is there anyone who has tried both bikes and what did you go for and why ?

This is going to be my road racing time trial and the occasional Sunday ride when it's nice weather.

Suspect both are going to feel very very light compared to my hybrid which ways just over 32lbs.

Suggesting pleeeeeease !

Thanks Ivan
i maybe wrong but i think the geometry on the Onix is a little more relaxed than the Scott. Both great bikes. Get a test ride, its the only way to truly choose.
Colleagues at work have these bikes, well one has the onix and the other has the scott cr1 pro.

Both look great. I know the CR1 Pro has a better spec, but for me it has the edge over the onix.

Must admit I have not ridden either for any great distance, and I am a huge scott fan as I own two myself.

Truth is you cant go far wrong with either bike.
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