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Hello people of the world, Cycling nuts and general nosey gits on this forum. I have had a road bike for 4 weeks and I love it. Always had an MTB Spesh Enduro pro. Didn't get out enough did a charity London Paris on it all the road bike users thought I was a lune.
Anyway sold it brought a hand built Alan Alu carb with campag and other nice bits on and have been putting in about 3 sessions per week about 100 miles and love it. I'm doing the stoke on trent stage of the tour of Brit in september for prostate so I'm trying to get in some miles.
The Alan is currently up on ebay and I'm looking to buy a new bike willing to part with around £600 for a second hand bike. If you've any advise on bikes, cycling and general fitness I'm all ears. I'm a rugby player and when I started on the bike a month ago I weighed in at 15st 5lbs at 5ft 11" on the scales today and about 350 miles in the legs I'm at 14st 3lbs.

I am loving the biking though I live Leicester so I've had some decent rides out at breacon and bradgate with some decent hills.

Nice to be a member of the forum as I said I'm new to this biking lark but I have a buzz so any advise would be great. I have some pics of the bike on. It's not a plug to sell it only to comment on.



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Hallo and welcome :sad:
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