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Hi all,

I may do a tour of the Highlands this summer and have a doubt. In order to avoid the main road - A832 - from Inverness to Kyle, I have seen a possible alternative.

Has anybody cycled along Strathconon? There is a road that takes you 24 miles up the glen, then there seems to be a 12 mile track that takes you on to the A832 near Craig.

This alternative should be a quieter route but my doubt is about the cyclability of the last part.
I'd not spotted that one! It looks great. A surefire way to check on the quality of the track (the single black lines - the doubletrack should be OK) would be to use to website called Geograph. It has pics uploaded by users of specific GRs, so you can check what the terrain is like. We use it all the time for cycle touring, especially when we go off road, and it's not let us down yet.

I'll warn you the site is addictive!


It looks to me like there's about 7 miles in the middle where you'd be walking.

The single dashed line in Gleann Fhiodhaig between Corrievuic and Glenuiag Lodge means footpath, not track, and at the Glenuiag Lodge end there's nothing visible past the lodge on the Google Earth aerial photos (the rest is satellite photos with no resolution).
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