Seat Post Adjustments - Specialized Roubaix 2018.


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I am after a bit of advice. - For a while now I have been after a Roubaix - hoping to find a second hand one my size.
My current Road bike frame size is 49cm - being quite a short man (5ft2) with shorter legs. This is been the size I have chosen on my previous 2 bikes.

I have found a Roubiax and the frame size is 49cm - at the moment the seat will go as low as 825mm from top of seat to pedal axel.

My seat heigh is around 770mm. This would mean I would have to cut the seat post down - Which is usually no problem.
However - the Roubaix has the Shock technology in the CT tube (see attached photo) I wanted some advice if it would still be ok to take 60mm of the seat post to sort this issue. or if I should just give up on the roubaix.

Thanks in advance



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