Secondhand bike to leave at Paddington train station


Girl from the North Country
it cost's about £35 to have a bike sent in the uk to a uk address
And @biggs682 does a fantastic job of packaging them.


Deplorable Brexiteer
Go for an old early-mid 1990's 26" rigid MTB with a no-frills hi-tensile steel frame, a basic Raleigh or even Apollo would fit the bill. There's loads of bargain womens frames on the secondhand market; more so than mens frames I'd say. I sometimes buy ultra-cheap ones as spare parts donors, but I never pay more than a Fiver for them!. If you really push the boat out, and maybe spend as much as £20-25, you can sometimes get some really decent bikes that have not actually been ridden much and have spent years forgotten in the backs of sheds and garages. A good way to deter bike thieves is to start out with an unassuming low-end bike then remove the decals so it's just a plain anonymous-looking nonentity. Have a cheap and nasty looking saddle with a rusty seatpost too. If it's got duct tape, better still, and leave it with a plastic bag stuffed over it when parked You want the bike to look as horrible and unappealing as possible.
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