'SEG's 75' Reliability Ride, Wickford, Essex, 22/2/15


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The SEG's 75 Reliability Ride, which is organised by the South Essex Group (SEG) of the Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC), takes place on February 22nd 2015. This established 75-mile event, which takes in some beautiful countryside, is considered by many to be the first 'real' Essex cycle ride of the year. It's popular as a 'warm-up' with the local racing community. Starting from the Wickford Café Restaurant, 1-7 The Broadway, Wickford, Essex SS11 7AD, there are 3 start-time options - 8.30am (7-hour ride), 9am (6-hour ride) and 9.30am (5-hour ride). Wickford is easily-accessible from London via the Liverpool Street to Southend Victoria line; nearby car-parking will be available on the day.

Sound like your thing? Go to http://www.essexcycling.co.uk/events/ for more information.

We look forward to seeing some of you!


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Someone has convonved me that this would be a good idea although late Feb makes 75 miles sound a very long way.
Can anyone give me some guidance on the times you are expected to be at the various checkpoints...not done one of these before.



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Same here Dzzi, I put the GPX file in to http://www.weatherbagel.com/ and set my sort of average speed as 13 MPH to get an idea of where and when I might be at places on the map. Another way I have done before is using a spread sheet and with locations, distance between them and a rough guess of how fast between the locations I might go (slower for hillier etc) to get how long between points. The good bit here is you can put in café stops and work out how long you might have for cake :smile:

Not done a reliability ride (or any organised ride) yet, so might give this a go as all my rides to date have been just me on my tod (sometimes following others routes).
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