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  1. There's an outside chance I may need to work in the UK again after 18 years in Germany, (only child, parents getting older et, c) so alongside making a CV for applications here, I'm trying to prepare a CV that fits in a Scottish context.

    I'm trained in Germany as a cabinet maker and 'Arbeitserzieher' which translates literally as "Work Educator" in a UK context this would be an occupational therapist, social worker, or adult education teacher. I also have a US based theatre qualification and plenty of relevant experience in youth theatre.

    I'm focusing on Further Education colleges or technical colleges, as I can't find much in the way of occupational therapy. Places exist but they seem to be mostly voluntary which rather defeats the object.

    Advice online seems to be to tailor the CV to the Job, but I'm sending what in Germany is an 'initiative application' so I don't know if there's a job available, which makes this a bit hard.

    Any thoughts how I could tailor this to a UK employer?

    Before someone points put the obvious, I'll translate it first...
  2. alicat

    alicat Guru

    In your shoes I would find a career coach in Scotland to help you make the most of your skills, qualifications and experience.

    Re occupational therapy, in the UK I am told they work mainly in the NHS.
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  3. Rowano

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    You can always phone if you have the number? Far more personal than a CV arriving. Just be honest, tell them your skills, that you have identified the company as a place you would be able to work and contribute, is there any jobs available?
  4. Thanks for the replies, here and on private messages.

    That makes me think that an OT in the UK is more like an ergotherapist, which is a similar job but slightly different: they are medically trained (muscles and motor skills) and we are trained to coach and train people. We work in areas from workshops for people with disabilities through to technical colleges. I've wondered about trying for a place teaching carpentry in a tech college, or an adult learning centre training in 'soft skills'.

    Brilliant, thanks for that, I'll contact them. That would answer the question about the differences/similarities between a German 'Arbeitserzieher' and British OP

    [QUOTE 5276459, member: 45"]How about starting with agency work to get your foot in the door?[/QUOTE]

    Mainly because I need to have a full time job that pays above a certain threshold for my wife to get a visa. I'm aware this may be a tall order, and if it proves impossible there are lots of jobs here...
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  5. alicat

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    I think you are right about occupational therapists being about muscles and motor skills. The term 'occupational therapist' is probably outdated from the time most jobs were manual. Physical rehabilitation therapist would be more accurate.

    If your wife is German she can come here to work under EU rules and does not have to rely on a spousal visa.

    Agency work is a good suggestion. It's better paid than normal work and will help you explore what is out there and help you start to build a network of contacts.
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  6. Thanks again for the suggestions...

    My wife is Japanese. She has a visa for Germany based on my UK, now UK/ German nationality, so that's safe, but for her to come to the UK I need to be earning in a steady job, so I don't think I can do agency work because that wouldn't be considered 'secure' enough.

    [QUOTE 5277685, member: 45"]OT is a term that needs to be reviewed. It's not just about dream catchers and basket weaving. There's a huge sector of OTs who work under the Care Act for Local Authorities in assessing for and providing aids and adaptations in the home.[/QUOTE]

    That's good, it sounds more like an Arbeitserzieher qualification and less like an Ergotherapist.

    @User : Thanks for the RCOT link -I missed it last time,and it describes pretty much the same as what I learned, with the exception that we also learn how to teach a class, so I'm qualified to teach in a tech college or adult learning college, either special needs, or woodwork, or soft skills, et c.

    Which raises the question, what do you call such colleges in Scotland? I've found some by typing in variations of 'technical college' or 'adult learning' into google, but I could be missing something...
  7. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

    IIRC, @Night Train, who occasionally graces CC with his presence, has experience in this field - both as a skilled woodworker and teacher of said skill.

    Maybe you could ask for some advice.
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  8. alicat

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    In England they are Further Education colleges or FE colleges. No idea about Scotland.
  9. Digging this thread up again, I've been looking more at Scottish Colleges in adult education and Extra support needs, that sort of area. I've now got a list o colleges and many offer courses in this area.I've also noticed a few with addiction therapy as well, so they will hopefully be open to employing people.

    So, I've been working on a letter, but I'm aware that the UK is in many ways a foreign country for me now, after nearly two decades away, so I'm not sure how to format it. Any suggestions would be appreciated...

    My address
    Anything else?

    Address of
    college I'm
    applying to?

    Dear (Name of contact)

    [Do English formal letters have an underlined summary here?]

    I am writing to be considered for any teaching vacancies in adult education, and especially supported learning or work based learning you may have at XXX. [This seems a bit broad: "I'll take anything!" but I've a wide training and don't want to narrow things down too much]

    I am originally from the UK and have dual UK//German nationality. I currently live in Stuttgart, south Germany and working as an Arbeitserzieher, a trainer for adult learning, with emphasis on working with vulnerable adults and people with extra support needs. This region of Germany has a modular system of training, meaning that with my current qualification I am qualified as a teacher in adult education and for people with extra support needs.

    Currently I am working as a department leader in a social enterprise called ‘Kulturwerk’ in Stuttgart. Kulturwerk operates a theatre and cafe, with clients with a wide range of issues including psychological problems and addiction issues, and my role is to build a training plan in the theatre department training technical and soft skills to prepare clients for future employment.

    [Our 'clients' above aren't the cafes customers, but the people working there with us looking after them. Is that clear in the context?]

    My training includes core competencies such as teaching methods, classroom management, working with people with special needs, psychology, neurology and sociology, as well as practical modules and 2 internships, where my work included creating a 3-month “woodworking” module for a group with mental and physical disabilities, and Case Management with clients with Psychological problems.

    Prior to my teaching training I completed a three year apprenticeship as a cabinet maker in Germany, I also have a diploma in Theatre and eight years experience working in theatre with young adults with and without disabilities and other support needs.

    For family reasons we are considering moving back from Germany, and I am thus looking for work in my profession. I’m very interested in working for XXX because it serves a rural area, where opportunities for people with learning difficulties or disabilities are harder to provide than in urban centres. As a family, we feel that Scotland would be a welcoming place, as my wife is Japanese and our children have grown up in another culture.

    My current contract runs until XXXXX, I would therefore be available for employment from XXXXX

    Because German employers are required to give references to employees at the end of the employment period, I can translate and send these if needed..

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have openings in the areas mentioned above

    Yours Sincerely

    Andy in Germany
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