Seriously thinking of giving up cycling

Don't give up.
This is exactly what the driver did who hit me - insinuated in his statement that the whole thing was my fault, when it clearly wasn't.
Were there witnesses? If there were no witnesses his statement has no leg to stand on. If there is no criminal action against him, then get a remedy in the civil courts instead.


The deal is your riding down the road, dick is driving up oncoming to you - you end up injured = have you explained this to your solicitor ?????????

Have you explained that the police favoured the dick ?????

Have you explained to the police they favoured the dick ?????

Have you asked them why ????????????????

If I was you, I'd be planning on wiping the floor with dick AND the police ;)

fairy said:
WTF????? how the hell was it your fault?


You need to make a statement as soon as poss to the police,im sure they would listen,if your words are ,it didnt happen like that.


Look in the yellow pages, and find a local law firm which specialises in accident law, book an appointment, and go and explain your case, they will give you an idea if you have a strong enough one to call the bluff, and if they act on your behalf.

The first half hour is usually free, Its worth a go !

betty swollocks

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Yes, I guessed that: but thanks.


Sounds like you need to call Alison French at Bikeline. They have a very good track record with cycle v car claims. Don't give in to anyone, don't give up, and good luck!


Dayvo said:
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Are we talking about a 'snip' for legal reasons (sub judice)? If so, OK, understood, but if not, really there are lots of guys here willing to offer help and advice. Could we not be enlightened?


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That would be a great shame BJB, I know you still do a fair bit of riding, but maybe if you started coming out of a Saturday morning again. Bit of company, bit of banter, getting lost every now and then...


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Can you fill us in about what's happened, without giving too much away... i.e. cycling down road, oncoming driver, you/they wrong/right side of road etc.

Not worth giving it up - if your fault accept the rapped knuckles, if not fight your corner and get advice.

I'd strongly recommend that any cyclist is a member of the CTC of British Cycling to get third party insurance and legal cover..


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chin up BJB. at least you are fine now (apart from a slightly wonky shoulder - but hey it's a cool battle scar!)
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