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A fairly interesting article on the "Share the Road" campaign currently underway in some parts of the U.S.

One of the more interesting things in this is the positive (i.e. Cycling is Great!) campaign referenced part way through, as Patty Vinyard, executive director of the St. Louis Bike Federation, says;

...most "bike promotion" advertising are safety lessons instead of anything that actually promotes cycling. ... car advertisers don't advertise the very real risks of driving, but show drivers having fun with their cars. Her organization created "Change Your View" videos to promote cycling as something that's fun to do.
Interesting John.

I agree that there are too many negative messages out there. It has to be a balance. We need to educate other road users about why we do what we do and how we need them to drive around us. However, we also need to be sure that the overall message suggests that cycling is a positive thing, fun, great exercise, cheaper, easier.

It's a tough one and one that and one I am trying to wrestle with at the moment.

For example Glasgow has had over the years a campaign along the lines of Glasgow: Miles Better. It also had a picture of a friendly Mr men type yellow chap. (http://www.rampantscotland.com/graphics/miles_better1a.jpg)
It was a very well known campaign in Glasgow and people have a positive attitude towards it.

I was thinking along the lines of Glasgow: Cycle's better!

This would have a wee picture of the same chap on a bike, probably wearing a helmet to keep the helmet brigade happy :biggrin:. Obviously more leaflet material would need to be produced with more details and some would need to be aimed at drivers asking them to help make Glasgow a healthy city by giving cyclists some space and respect.

Leaflets aimed at cyclists would encourage better cycling etc (and reference Cyclecraft!)

My feeling is that the best way to improve the lot of cyclists is just to get more of us out there. The more cyclists there are the more drivers will get used to us and learn how to react to us.

Anyway just a though....:eek:
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