'Sheep At Any Price'?

I just had to buy 'MB-UK, to get this 'Headset Cap'

For those who don't know, Mint Sauce is a (slightly surreal) cartoon strip, that's been around for 30years
I think I first saw it in 1990, at the latest
I was going to put it on the Gran Fondo, but. it compliments the top-tube sticker on the CGR

Mint Sauce. Top-Cap. 1.jpg Mint Sauce. Top-Cap. 2.JPG

For those still wondering...

And; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mint_Sauce_(cartoon_strip)

Oh, & this is the desktop screen, on my LapTop
Coleman doing what we'd all like on steep hills, at the end of a ride
Mint Sauce. Stannah.jpg


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Was always a big fan of Jo Burt and Minty. I might have to pop to my local newsagent.


I'm still working on it not track down the right one. Lucky the tape on the pack reseals just fine if your careful :whistle:


Having had no luck I told Mrs 73 about my quest and fell for old mint and co. She was out this morning anyway but found time to hunt of one took her a few go's and a bit of drive out.
But she's come home with not one but 2 :hyper:

One's heading for the London Rd and one for Mrs 73 FX. :smooch:


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I've got the same sticker on my Zesty, and the key ring serves as a lucky talisman on my camelback. I craftily opened all three copies of MBR in my local Morrisons and they were all the "Ride More" ones. So I might try Tesco's tonight during the weekly shop.
Just got back from Sainsbury’s. I don’t look at the mags, but I just happened to pass by them having read this thread about half an hour earlier. I opened one of the packs and there it was the little sheep thingy.

I wasn’t about to spend 7 quid on it though, feck that.
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