Sheffield to Bakewell?


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Any helpful hints and tips on a run from Sheffield to Bakewell?

I'm visiting friends and I want to save the 4 car journies to collect me and drop me back off at Sheffield BR.
Mrs. tdr1nka is driving up to Bakewell a few days before and taking my essentials on ahead, so I only have to sling the trike on the train from London and carry basic kit.

Sustrans's online route planner appears to be down so I wondered what my options were? I'm up for a 'pretty route' even if it is less direct but if I'm best using the A roads I might just take the MTB and get it done quickly.

Any thoughts?

T x


basically pretty much whatever you do it's uphill for the first half then largely down hill for the second, with possibly a bit of undulation when you get really near bakewell but nothing too big.

if you wanted to just roadie it, then i'd recommend out on abbeydale road to owler bar, which is the top point of the route (and has a couple of gastropubs either side aswell) then down A621, it's downhill from owler bar all the way to baslow. That's a nice descent, it winds down through some nice dramatic rock features. probably good fun on a trike! then either right down A619 after baslow, or I think you can go through chatsworth but not sure about that, may have to turn right at some point if you do otherwise you'll end up coming out on the A6 at rowsley.

OR, if you want to go off road, there's a very nice route through endcliffe park:
Go down ecclesall road to hunter's bar, then get in the park on the right side of the road just after hunter's bar roundabout. basically then there's a cycle path through the park, you have to cross a couple of roads but it picks up again on the other side. Not surei've got it 100% accurate at all points 'cos there's a lot of trees butthe point where it crosses rustlings road is correct.
takes you right the way to clough lane where you might want to take the road as it gets quite steep,. there's a bridlepath aswell, you might find this quite good. Then when you get to ringinglow take houndkirk road to thefox house. Don't really know aboutoff road from there to bakewell, there might be but don't expect the longshaw estate to be particularly fruitful in terms of non-dead-end-ness, you might be better off going down owler bar road and then down A621 to baslow (as you'll be quite tired at this point)
(when are youdoing this? if at a weekend i could possibly meet up with you and show you the mtb route)

any Qs on specific bits give me a shout


Taking the biscuit
An old but very welcome joke BTFB, and if I had a fiver for everytime someone has said that since I decided to take the trike on this little jaunt, I would have £15!

In fact if things carry on like this I could leave the trike at home and afford to get a cab instead, it's only 20 miles.

T x
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