Shifting problems.......still!!


I've had problems shifting from the small to big ring on and off for quite a while. It will sometimes work but if it doesn't I need to shift to my biggest gear and slow to crawling speed and that will usually coax it up. It's been into the LBS a few times and the cables have been changed and it's been fiddled with quite a bit. It tends to work ok on the stand but not so well on the road. Any ideas appreciated. It's a compact Giant Defy with sora.
Try pushing the lever more slowly but smoothly, and pedalling extremely lightly - this used to work for me when my changing got fiddly. That said, mine was fixable by a quick reset of the cable tension.


If it doesn't shift up then you should first check the limit screw and see if that's what is stopping the mech move over far enough. If it is the limit screw then back it off just far enough that the shift up is smooth.


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I had this problem on my new bike. Halfords had two goes at it before I spotted the problem. The front derailleur was slightly out of alignment. When this was aligned it then worked ok. Not saying this is your problem and you may have checked it already (sorry not trying to teach you to suck eggs) but I thought it might be worth a mention.
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