Shifting: Shimano vs. Campag

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Nick1979, 16 Jun 2008.

  1. Nick1979

    Nick1979 New Member

    London (SW11)
    I know I might have open a can of worms with this thread but this is a discussion forum after all! And it's time for me to choose between the two!

    So what are the differences in user experience when shifting on both systems? I have tried both at various LBS and found out:
    - The hood surface is smooth on Shimano and not on Campag
    - The gear 'up' is done by the lever on Shimano and by a small plastic knob on Campag
    what else?

    (I'm thinking about middle range groupsets, let's say Veloce vs. 105)
  2. RedBike

    RedBike New Member

    Beside the road
    Campag tends to change with a bang/clunk which is kind of reasuring. Shimano is silent and smooth but can leave you wondering if you have just changed gear or not.
  3. Amanda P

    Amanda P Veteran

    On Shimano, the gear cables grow out of the sides of the brake levers, which makes it difficult to use a handlebar bag (should you want to).

    On Campag, the gear cables go under the 'bar tape.

    In my opinion, the Shimano levers are big, clumpy and ugly. Campags are a bit more svelte, and more comfortable. But it's only my opinion.

    You may be able to have the best of both worlds.
  4. k-dog

    k-dog New Member

    Not on the new Dura-Ace - they are now under the tape. They've changed the hood shape a little too - as have Campag so they're getting a bit more similar.
  5. Will1985

    Will1985 Über Member

    South Norfolk
    It seems that the latest Campag and Shimano shift levers are slowly morphing towards the opposite's shape with subtle changes.

    You've left out SRAM which is an competent rival to the other two as well - this shifts with 2 varying degrees of inward motion of one lever, ie: 20deg and 40deg.

    With the Campag, you don't have to have textured hoods either - you can swap them for a pair of Hudz.
  6. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Aye they have, but the groupset has doubled in price....;)
  7. OP

    Nick1979 New Member

    London (SW11)
    Completely agree with you about the aesthetic!

    Yes I have remarked the 'bank/clung' on the Bianchi I have tested (compared to a 105 equipped Trek), I though the gear were badly set up!

    After a 5 min ride of each, I found the Shimano way (push the gear lever/push the brake lever) more 'natural' than the Campag lever/knob way, but what do I know! What do you guys think?

    On the Campag, the 'downshift' lever can be moved back/forward as well, but I can't tell why it is useful?

    Yes, I've seen SRAM is making road groupset as well, but haven't got a chance to see it yet (and I don't think it's offered on the bikes I'm considering).
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