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Shifting up jumps all the way to smallest cog

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Tin Pot, 5 Jan 2017.

  1. kipster

    kipster Veteran

    If they are both 10 speed then the Athens shifters will work. When my Veloce shifters did the same thing I put on some centaur shifters. Also if the Veloce shifters are under 2 years old you can get them repaired under warranty.
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  2. If it's Veloce 2006 - 2009 or 2011-> present, the problem is probably that the lever internal has worn to the point that the escapement mechanism inside is not working correctly. These levers have essentially the same internal, with some dimension differences in a couple of the parts - but they work exactly the same way.
    The only really reliable, long term fix in these cases is a new lever body.

    The Athena shifters won't work - they are 11s, different cable recovery per click to 10s.

    If it's Veloce pre 2006, then it is probably g-spring or g-spring carrier issues.

    If it's Veloce 2009-2010 (UltraShift) it's a problem with the pressure between the two clutch plates inside the lever (very unlikely to be this lever or problem).

    To tell the age, look at the lever shape first - the modern (since 2010) Veloce shifters are the same basic shape as all other Campagnolo shifters currently are, tallish and slightly pointed with a light swing "in" left and right, at the top of the lever body. If it's pre 2010, the top of the lever is more rounded. There is a series of lever before that (pre1999 / 2000) but probably these levers don't fall into that age category.

    Once the generation of lever is identified, look at the thumb levers from underneath. If they are of all plastic construction, they are "Escape" sometimes known as "QuickShift" or "QS" (2006-2009) or "PowerShift" 2010- present.

    If they are Escape or PowerShift, as mentioned, the best & most reliable fix is a new lever body complete, or replace the pair of levers (this is usually more economic). A pair of Veloce "Escape" type can be replaced as a pair with "PowerShift" type if required / desired although a small additional part may be needed on the front derailleur to get as close to "to specification" performance as possible. Average performance can be attained without.

    The most recent (since Feb 14) PowerShift levers have had some materials changes made inside which make them far less prone to this type of wear. In all cases, though of PowerShift and of Escape / QS especially, avoid squirting or otherwise applying any lubrication inside the levers - they don't need it and some oils can damage the plastics used in construction. This is a leading caue (though not the only cause) of accelerated wear and tear and this type of shifting problem.

    If they are not Escape type but they are of that generation, so "full ErgoPower" as they are sometimes described, and natively capable of multiple shifts in both directions, it's definitely worth getting them properly serviced with a strip, clean, swap-out of the G springs and spring mount ring, reassembly and test. We can do that if required.
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  3. OP
    Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    Cheers - it's a 2014 bike I can't recall if they're powershift or ergopower, but I've replaced the shifter (and cabling) and it seems to be fine.

    When I get some time I'll disassemble the broken one and see if it is a repairable spring.

    I notice the new shifters are subtly different, the thumb shifter feels lower and a different shape.
  4. Hi Tin Pot ... yes, the new PowerShifts have the same thumb lever shape as electronic (EPS) - many riders have found it better from the drops.
    If the originals were on a 2014 bike, they'll have been PowerShift, so in these days of ridiculously cheap kit from the box-movers, not economically repairable for the most part ...

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  5. youngoldbloke

    youngoldbloke The older I get, the faster I used to be ...

    I had exactly the same problem. Only economic solution was to replace them.
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  6. lpretro1

    lpretro1 Guest

    Have u checked that the barrel adjuster on the rear mech has not come unscrewed?
  7. OP
    Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    Yes, rear mech was fine and it's all solved with the new shifter.