Shimano 11 speed (105) Rear Gear Cable Replacement

Rear gear cable snapped on the way home.

I can't seem to get the ratchet in the right place to fit a new one. Trying to change "down" ie big lever, only results in one gear "change" so there's nowhere for the new cable end to sit.

I'm guessing this is because the old snapped off end of the old cable is jammed in there somehow?

Any other ideas? Any tips? I'm flummoxed, and definitely don't want to start dismantling it.

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Take some panels off the lever and have a poke around to see what‘s there that shouldn’t be.
In case you don't know that there's a small screw beneath the shifter which allows a panel to be removed, and the broken bits to drop out, here's a sub-minute video showing said screw/panels:


When you remove the srew, iirc, two small panels come off - take note of how they go back on before removal (though it's pretty obvious).
EDIT: No sproing will occur - the are just access panels - no springs are released!

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Think most STIs (ie not just 11sp) which have the gear cable routed under the bar tape have this hazard as the cable is repeatedly bent in the the same place and the strands sequentially suffer from fatique breakage. As you say, mitigation is set frequency (eg annual, or distance dependent) change of the RH STI cable.
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