Shimano M770 Hollowtech II crank pinch bolt washer


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Whilst in the process of replacing my bottom bracket I rather stupidly took the pinch bolts out completely instead of just loosening them. I then even more stupidly dropped one of the washers from off the pinch bolts. It dropped on the back lawn and despite searching with a really strong magnet (yes they are magnetic as I tested it on the other washer) I cannot find it. The washer looks to be slightly domed. I'm not not sure if this is actually a domed washer or just a standard flat washer that has just becomed domed due to being under stress of the pinch bolt. Anyone know what sort of washer it is? I has tried my stock of washers, the LBS and a local equip hardware store and no one has anything similar. Can't find owt online either at a sensible price. My washers are too thick and are wider too. Anyone happen to have some laying about that that I can cadge?
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It's a domed washer as default, so as the picture shows above.

The washers should be fairly universal - not sure of the thickness, but the bolt is M6x19 if that helps narrow it down. You can replace the bolts and washers with Shimano spares - the part number is Y1G398010, however there doesn't seem to be much stock around - SJS Cycles would be my go to normally for something like this, but they are currently showing out of stock.
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