Shimano Nexus Inter-8 - not freewheeling?


Anybody own a Shimano Nexus-8 hub and heard of the following problem? I have been using one for the last 6 months, apart from the weight issue on the back I have been thoroughly pleased with it.

I went on a four day tour through Wales over the weekend, carrying about 15kgs on the back and my body weight. Well it now seems that the rear wheel won't freewheel, it will at a low velocity but as soon as there is an increase the pedals will start to move. When riding the bike, I can stop pedalling and keep my feet on the pedals the hub sounds fine, the wheel is freewheeling still. If I lift my feet off the pedals, the pedals begin to move again. When I am off the bike, rolling the bike forwards/backwards causes the pedals to move. Something just doesn't seem right.



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Could it just need cleaning around the chain and sprocket and some oil/grease/whatever into the hub? A sign of general stickiness perhaps? I've seen old hub geared bikes being pushed with pedals turning, but able to freewheel once there is foot pressure.


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Significant freewheel drag is normal for a grease-lubricated hub gear. On the optimistic side, it means your bottom bracket isn't binding ;)


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Don't worry, this is normal for a hub geared bike. The only down side is that you sometimes hit yourself with a pedal when you wheel it into the shed!


Though I'm not the OP, thanks for the reasurance guys as I will be picking up my hub-geared bike next week. I know what to look out for now.
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