Shimano Nx8/Roller brake


Hi peeps,

I'm doing one of those expanding jobs ATM where you start off with a simple gear cable replace and you end up with the rear wheel off the bike. :biggrin:

Anyway, it's a Nexus 8 hub with BR-IM70-R roller brakes. Putting it all back together there's a gap in the left rear axle wheel between the roller brake nut fixing the unit to the wheel and the dropout. This doesn't look right as I expected you'd need a spacer nut to secure the dropout on both sides, but poring over the Shimano tech docs there's no spacer nuts required, the parts are exactly as I see them on my rear axle.

I just need some reassurance there's not a potential issue with the gap on the inside of the axle. I must have been riding like this for a few thousand miles but need a sanity check. Cheers!


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Hi, it's a while since I've used a roller brake. posting a picture may help me (and others) understand what you're concerned about.


Has anyone abandoned their own thread quite so comprehensively? :biggrin:

Anyway, I'm on my own with this so pictures in situ isn't possible. It could have all squidged up Doc, but I've decided I need a hub and brakes service which is still beyond me sadly, so I'll mention it to the LBS and see what they think.
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