Shimano ST2303 -vs- Sora 8 Speed Triple STI


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Hello - I have a Specialized Allez Triple (first road bike in many years - bought this April) and on the recent BHF L2B ride got taken out by a youngster who decided without looking, signalling, whatever, to turn right, across my path, causing a minor stack. Only casualty to the bike was the left ST-2303 brake/shifter - bent/twisted lever, torn mech, or in military slang, FUBAR.

Best priced replacements seen to date are: pair of ST-2303 levers (direct replacement) at about £95 or; pair of Sora 8 speed triples at £102 - searching for a single replacement is akin to looking for rocking-horse droppings.

Whilst I believe the Sora 8 speed is no longer in current production, my inclination is to buy the Sora's in that they're cost-neutral compared to the ST2303's but effectively an up-grade. Any thoughts on this?

ps I'm miffed at having to fork out £100 for a non-fault stack, so please don't say that for £x more I could get Tiagra's etc!!


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