Shimano Tiagra


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That looks like the hanger has broken, not the mech?


Mech hangers are sacrificial. The idea is they brake off so they don't destroy the frame in the event of impact.

You can get replacements as said upthread. Just need to search online. They are usually specific to bike or bike brand.

Google search Giant Defy mech hanger throws up several options at a tenner.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Unbolt the rear derailleur hanger from the derailleur and the frame, and order a new one. It should be a fairly easy match as it's a common bike.

When the new hanger is fitted, make sure that the high/low limits are correct.

And order a spare hanger for next time.


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Educate me please, just looked at both my MTB's & the hanger is screwed on from the front, this looks like it's screwed from behind.

The bike is a Giant Composite, circa 2012
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