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Mrs Bear

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Hampshire, UK
I am currently using toe clips and am looking for some women’s shoes which will fit in the toe clips but that I can also use clipless when I am brave enough to make the change.

Can anyone recommend any shoes that fit the bill, preferably women's shoes and ideally quite a wide fitting?



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If you want to give cleats atry, on a budget (?) - keep an eye out for Aldi, they make a great value shoe (£7.99 when I bought a pair for the missus) comfy, with marked cut out for cleats.
(Make sure you try on whatever you decide on, sizing seems to be a bit random.....even within a manufacturers range.:smile:


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I found the Lidl shoes a little too big for toe clips and straps. They were also a little tight for the toe cups I had on my MTB so went to clipless (SPD on both bikes). These from EBC are a good start until you think you're brave enough. Though if you back off the tension setting they are very easy to get out of. Then tighten them up as you feel more confident. I then got Shimano M520's for road bike and currently using the Lidl shoes.
I went from clips and straps and find that clipless are much easier. No bending over to tighten or slacken the straps. Much quicker at junctions and in emergencies to simply twist your foot. The 520's are much stiffer than the EBC pedals but still no probs (so far;)).
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