Short routes near Chapel en le Frith

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by whiskywheels, 10 Apr 2010.

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    Can you recommend any?

    We're spending a week having a big family get together just East of CelF, about a mile from Slackhall. I'll be 'allowed' out on my bike for 1-2 hours, and would like to do Winnats pass & Edale. There seem to be nothing but 'A' roads, notably the A6187 and A623. Can you recommend any routes, and advise if the 'A' roads are suitable for cycling? (Here in Dorset I would always avoid certain sections of the A35). I'd prefer road biking, but could take my MTB instead. Are there any good pubs where I can get some 'recovery drinks'? :rofl:
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    I have cycled in that area, the A6187 is quite a fast road but pretty straight so visibility is not too bad for car drivers. There is a really good drop down Edale Road into the valley and an excellent pub by the river in the centre of Edale by the start of the Pennine way. Bit of a climb to get back out of the valley but you have a nice long descent back down the A6187 back to Chapel. Winnats pass is steep and I wouldn't like to do that and Edale with Recovery drinks on the same 2 hour ride but you may relish the hills :biggrin: If your road bike is a triple or a compact I would go with that the roads are pretty good around there. Enjoy it, beautiful scenery:smile:
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    Sounds good to me! Thanks!
    We're off tomorrow morning...............long drive :ohmy:
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