Short to cover knees

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Hi, i have a simple question and i hope someone can point in the right direction, i am returning to road /commute cycling and i dont want to wear lycra due to a knee injury , my knee is just not nice to look at and i am paranoid about it , it is not vanity i just dont like the look of it ,anyway i am looking for some 3/4 pants that have velcroy at the bottm as i have seen a cyclist wearing something i want , ihave looked at a couple of sites and ebay and i cannot find anything could anyone please help. Thanks


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I saw some really nice loose fitting knee britches a few weeks ago. Wish I could remember the make. If you didn't need the pad, walking britches might do.


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Edinburgh Bicycle Coop do some own brand revolution 3/4's like the Endura's and you can get 3/4 length lycra if you prefer the look feel of that material over baggies but still want the knee coverage.
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