"Should cycling be banned altogether?"


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Not my words but one of a poison-penned harpie:


I sometimes answer questions on there to help people out, but thats just rediculous. Its not even a question, its a wish from a selfish driver. Paranoid Android on there made a very valid point and it seems they've turned on him.

Charming people. Should I start a "question" like "should driving be banned" in response?:wacko:


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downfader said:
Should I start a "question" like "should driving be banned" in response?:wacko:
Well that was my immediate thought ... but perhaps it should ... just think how bad the roads would get with all of us transferring to cars! Whereas the reverse arguement doesn't create quite as much chaos but still causes problems.


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The same old all cyclists should pay road tax,use cycle lanes and all cyclists jump red lights.
They will never learn so i am not even going to bother making a post .


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I think driving cars should be band ROFL no not really only joking if they were then I couldn't have a lovely trip with the cycles on the roof and then cycled around Rendlesham Forest.


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We have a cycling Mayor of London and a cycling Prime Minister.
I don't think that the "cycling should be banned" brigade are going to make much headway.


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Typical self-centred motorist drivel!:ohmy:

per mile travelled, drivers are about 50% more likely than cyclists to be
involved in injuring a pedestrian, and 3.5 times as likely to be involved in
killing them. N.B. This calculation makes no allowance for the fact that (a)
drivers accumulate a lot of their mileage on motorways and trunk roads where
there are very few pedestrians to injure and (:thumbsup: a lot of cyclists are children
and teenagers.'
Sources: TfL Road Safety Division, Department for Transport (via CTC)
Surely cars should be banned from built up areas due to them being far more dangerous.

Oh well I'm sure the Apologists for Bad Driving (ABD) would support a cycling ban.:wacko:

Here's the briefing paper if anyone is interested
I agree...cars should be banned from built up areas.

Cars are too dangerous anyway...or should I say some of the people driving them have very poor attitudes..


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Ah but gunscars don't kill people, people do! :ohmy:

I think the outright ban may be a step too far, but I still believe any driver must keep a log of cycle/motorcycle miles completed and have to have a minimum number before allowing them to take a car test


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Surely we should be banning bad/dangerous/reckless road users by actually having traffic police on the roads so people are caught or at least have a good probability of being caught. Unlike the present situation where traffic police seem to have become extinct and road users standards are dropping fast.


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User3143 said:
I don't see where the above was posted in the question that was within the link and you can see where the women is coming from.

It's ironic because she is actually saying what most people (on here especially) think (not the banning of cycles) but the small minority of cyclists who flout the law and ride showing no respect to peds and cars give all cyclists a bad name.

It's still ignorance on her part of course but I can see her POV.
It seems to me that you sometimes justify rule-flouting on the grounds that the advantige that you gain outweighs the amount by which you annoy people.


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User3143 said:
This is simply not pragmatic - why make someone do something that they don't want to do? All this will do is reinforce the negativity towards cyclist once said person goes on the road.

Apart from which, most people simply don't know how to ride a bike and lack the cordination needed to ride a mbike.
It probably isn't practical, and I'm certain it will never happen. However the extra road awareness that it would give to people would in many cases make them better drivers.
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