Should I hate meeces to peeces?


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Having decided that I really had to rid one of my lesser sheds of mice, and done so quite successfully, we are now seeing some in the garden.

Should I go full Rambo on them, or just think 'Ahhh, ain't they cute' and leave them alone?


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All out Rambo attack.
They're working out how to get back in the shed.


As long as I breathe, I attack.
Had one in the shoe cupboard that the cat bought in, no amount of traps and poison sorted it out , in fact we thought it was gone until i cleared out the shoes and started finding them full of crap and cat biscuits .
It was bloody massive ! in fact i thought it was a rat .So in conclusion get the feckers out before they destroy things


As the weather gets cooler they will be heading into anywhere warm they can
which is why its important to put your worn undies in the freezer?:wacko::okay:


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Get rid of them!!! I had a similar issues years ago, got rid of them from the shed but a couple of months later they were in the house. Obviously I can't guarantee it was the same ones, I wasn't on first name terms with them, but it's probable.
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