Should i replace the tyre ?


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My conti gator skin had a visit from the fairy last night and i ended up doing a quick inner tube change mid commute.

on inspection the side wall has an area where you can see the threads have been worn away and there is definitely a small bulge in the tyre.

Plenty of rubber left on the tyre but i am not sure about safety .


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Yep definitely. The main part of the tyre is the threads not the rubber. If the threads are worn or cut through, the tyre really needs to be binned.



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Same happened to me on first trip out on new bike, flint went through the side wall just enough to warrant throwing out a brand new tyre. On the bright side got to buy a nice slick to replace it with so happy days....


As long as I breathe, I attack.

Taken the tyre off and i can see daylight through the bulge.B)
Bin time

I always get fairy visits on the back tyre on the odd occasion i get them, probably because i run a pannier rack , extra weight etc etc


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For the sake of £20 it's not worth the risk! :smile:


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I found my Gator's sidewalls quite prone to sidewall damage, and even sustained one blow out through the side wall. I've gone through 2 complete sets in 1400 miles. I don't think they were particularly worse than the Shawlbe Blizzards that I had originally also got about 700miles out of them. Really bad roads on my commute and fat rider so might be prone towards pinching which might not be causing actual puctures but roughing up the sidewall. I'm now trying Shawlbe durano plus, but it's too early less than 200 miles on them so far.


I found gators prone to damage too, a lot and scary in the wet

I tried a Blizzard once and it lasted two weeks, it was fine until I locked it, That stripped the rubber clear away form the carcass

LBS likes the Duranos, been pushing tham at me for months
I've had Blizzards on my road bike. They're OK, but I don't like getting punctures - I'm too used to the Marathon Plusses on my other bikes. I'm about to replace them with Pasela TGs, which are more conducive to the 23 sizing than Marathons, and are very light. OK, once they're ready to go, they do go, but they hold out pretty well, and ride very well until then.
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