Shouldn't smile, but .......

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I openly smiled.


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Wonder what he had to do or organise or set up for which he needed three clear days out of prison, before handing himself back in once he'd got it all sorted.... if I were the police I'd be doing what ever I could to track what he did, where he went and who he contacted.... if they know about £1.8m how much else is there that he's transferred across the world's banking system that they haven't found out about... he sounds too devious to just own up to a few frauds that they've found so far.


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I'm with @Archie_tect on this one, it just sounds far to 'fishy' for him to have had a change of heart and turned himself in after 3 days.
Chapeau to the fella though for the fraudulent bail scam, very inventive.


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How many years will he get for the 1.8 million ? I'm guessing in his case , crime does pay .
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