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Have purchased a used trike in Cornwall I needed to get it shipped to me on the Isle of Wight. The couriers on Shiply were nothing short of a joke with 2 not answering messages after submitting a quote and the third telling me he'd get it done some time in the next 3 1/2 months. You couldn't make it up! :blink:

On the off chance of receiving a tip on a local courier I called Ice in Falmouth. They told me to ask the seller to drop the trike off at their workshop and for a good deal less than any of the courier quotes they would dismantle the trike, wrap it all up, box it and ship it to me via Next Day UPS exactly as if they were shipping one of their new trikes.

The trike was dropped off yesterday and shipped today. Along with the tracking number I received this email:

We have dismantled it like we used to do to ship.
The box is heavy at 30KG so be careful picking up.

The only thing that really needed sorting was one axle which was seized in. I removed it and managed to find some new replacement ones for you which i chucked in the box.

I have also added the original manual and a current one also a brochure.

Any problems please feel free to contact us here at ICE

Enjoy your trike and look at the ICE Trike owners facebook page. This is run by enthusiasts and will give you lots of advice. I also believe there is another ICE trike rider on the Isle of white.

Many thanks

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ICE Trikes

If the trike is anything like their customer service it will be a real pleasure to ride.

I like Skol

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Now that is what you call customer service. A BIG :okay: for them.
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