1. Tongsheng

    Trikes on cycleways

    Hi everybody, I'm new to trikes and was wondering how compatible they are with cycleways and and narrow walkways. I know the paths are meant to be 1m wide to accommodate trailers and buggies but have been told a couple of routes are not up to scratch and maintained badly by cash strapped...
  2. B

    recumbent trikes

    I was wondering if anyone out there owns a Terra Trike and if you have had any issues with the frame or any caliper mounts cracking ?
  3. Rohloff_Brompton_Rider

    Trikes or recumbent

    Hi all, Not posted for years due to (mainly) health issues. I can no longer risk an upright bike due to stricture issues. So I’m looking at recumbents, probably an ICE Adventure HD. Anyone ride one in Lancashire? Just wondering what people’s experiences are on the roads. Tia.
  4. JuanLobbe


    With the cold weather round the corner, I always wonder why tricycles are not more of a thing for snow and ice riding. Any thoughts?

    Shout Out For ICE Trikes

    Have purchased a used trike in Cornwall I needed to get it shipped to me on the Isle of Wight. The couriers on Shiply were nothing short of a joke with 2 not answering messages after submitting a quote and the third telling me he'd get it done some time in the next 3 1/2 months. You couldn't...
  6. jeffoi

    recumbent trikes and charity rides

    Apologies if this has been asked before... Has anyone done any organised charity rides on their recumbent trikes? Had any issues? I mean I reckon that the organised transport from the finish line back would not take my trike, but I think I can convince my OH to come and get me in a hired...
  7. M

    2 Trikes in Kettering but maybe 3

    A work colleague of my wifes said she got stuck behind a trike this morning near the Tesco Superstore area of town which is by the A14. Apparently it was not the other known rider as he frequents Tesco and they all know his trike but this was a different one she was stuck behind for a while at...
  8. M

    Found a few trikes for sale on FACEBOOK

    just noticed there are 4 kmx trikes on the marketplace on facebook, i searched using KMX TRIKE and then i found others by searching for RECUMBENT TRIKE, hope this helps folk who are searching as i saw one for 300 quid and 400 quid View...
  9. Laurentius

    New to trikes

    Hi everybody I am new convert to tricycles and I have to say it is great fun, however some things are a dissapointment. I am discovering, that the so called cycling infrastructure in my city (which was never that good) is totally neglectful of the user on three wheels. The designated paths...
  10. D

    Tomcat Trikes

    Anyone had any experience of these, for kids with mobility issues ? Grandson has just got one, and I'm struggling to work out how that add-on thing that sticks out the back is used to help with the rider's steering.
  11. U

    Drift trikes

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