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Show off your Giant

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Psyclist, 27 Feb 2012.

  1. Mike!

    Mike! Über Member

    Thank you! I love it although I've only had 2 rides on it and done 97 miles so far! Been tucked away for the winter...
  2. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    My new giant omnium track bike arrived today. Will build it up and post picture later in the week
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  3. Dan Ferris

    Dan Ferris Well-Known Member

    Thank you. It is even scarier when it lights up...
  4. greekonabike

    greekonabike President of the 'Democratic Republic' of GOAB

  5. Here's mine in the snow...


    It's a 2010 Trance, spring Rock Shox forks custom sprung for my weight, rear shock custom valved for my weight, Shimmy 540's, mix of XT, SLX and Deore components, Ritchey headset, outer chain ring removed so it's 2 x 9 with a slightly wider range SRAM cassette and CNC rings, SRAM X9 front mech, carbon post of indeterminate source, some forged stem or other, 700mm bars, Hope clamp and Ti skewers. It's changed a bit since then, but it's still here, still my favourite all-round use full squidger.
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  6. silvervanplumberman

    silvervanplumberman Active Member

    I've got one of those, same saddle on it as well.
  7. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    Giant ommium track bike

    Since last nights session, a few adjustments to saddle height and stem have been made. Also ordered new tyres as the schwalbe skids are utter crap 20170115_104612.jpg
  8. Flyboy

    Flyboy Active Member

    They are really good bikes
  9. Arjimlad

    Arjimlad Senior Moments

    South Glos
    Ready for action...
  10. CanucksTraveller

    CanucksTraveller Macho Business Donkey Wrestler

    Hitchin, Herts
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  11. Arjimlad

    Arjimlad Senior Moments

    South Glos
    Loving it !

    I thought it might be too "racy" or uncomfortable after riding a Defy, but it isn't. Put in a 111km ride in October with ease. I popped Shimano RS10 wheels on it with 25mm tyres and ended up going back to the stock wheels & tyres as they were more comfy, and about the same weight. The bike is very well put together.
  12. CanucksTraveller

    CanucksTraveller Macho Business Donkey Wrestler

    Hitchin, Herts
    @Arjimlad : I ride my wife's Defy now and then and I really like it. It's interesting to hear from someone who moved from one to the other. I do find the TCR position is a smidge more stretched out, but not hugely so, and they're both great. Have fun!
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  13. Robeh

    Robeh Senior Member