Show off your Giant

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Psyclist, 27 Feb 2012.

  1. Heigue'r

    Heigue'r Über Member

    N+1...been commuting 50miles per day on the mtb..missing a couple of bits,just finished putting it together.
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  2. Handlebar

    Handlebar Regular

    Lowestoft Suffolk
    Well done you :training:
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  3. bonsaibilly

    bonsaibilly Guest

  4. BenPeters

    BenPeters New Member

    Right Now, USA
    Lush ride...
  5. RoubaixCube

    RoubaixCube ~Tribanese~

    London, UK
    This is the kind of bike that batman would ride....
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  6. Giantbadge

    Giantbadge Well-Known Member

    IMG_0144.JPG Nice ride to clevedon pier this morning
  7. Brace of Giants.jpg A Brace of Giants.... Both these have appeared on this thread before but never together.... A 2014 Defy 2 fitted with Fulcrum 7's (a slight upgrade from standards as the original wheel had bearing issues after a very wet winter) and my 2017 Propel advanced 2. Both do commuting duties (the Propel only when there is no chance of rain)
  8. Jody

    Jody Über legend of a forum GOD!

    My first road bike. Another 2014 Defy 2

  9. Oldbloke

    Oldbloke Guru

    Mayenne, France
  10. Jody

    Jody Über legend of a forum GOD!

    ^ Looks nice.

    Is that a saddle bag on a dropper post?
  11. Giantbadge

    Giantbadge Well-Known Member

    IMG_0171.JPG IMG_0172.JPG Burnham on sea today & Hinkley point
  12. Trigger369

    Trigger369 Well-Known Member

    My first roadie . Loving it 20170813_091449.jpg
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  13. fungus

    fungus Über Member

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  14. Iohann

    Iohann New Member

    My Rapid 1 in forest.

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  15. Diggr

    Diggr Regular

    Giant tcx,on the 'road to nowhere' TCR on the Waskerley Way c2c route,rotor 46/30 crankset ,11/28 cassette

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