Show off your Giant


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Tcx 'chained' up at winchelsea


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I know the one, its on the main street I think.
Is that bike better than the Boardmans do you think? are you enjoying it?
It's subjective, but it does feel better than the Road Comp it replaced - but it should be given how much more it cost and that it has 105 rather than Sora. ^_^
Enjoying it? Absolutely - it rides wonderfully and it's got a real quality feel to it. It's currently my go to bike and I'd definitely buy another Giant when the time comes.


Anthem in carron valley from Forrest and windfarm sidesView attachment 394839 View attachment 394838
I know that place very well. Back in the day Falkirk CTC had this as a regular Sunday ride & the waterfalls were the Summer picnic venue. I can't remember the name of the waterfall though & Google maps isn't helping. The wind farm is definitely new. It's a great area & so close to civilization. Not Denny. ^_^


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Looks gorgeous but my back is aching just looking at that riding position. :smile:

Happy new bike and may you have many safe miles on it/him/her.
Strangely, exact same geometry as the Rose carbon road bike (from 2012) it's replacing, it looks really racy but actually feels the same as my other bikes.
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