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Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Justinslow, 16 Feb 2017.

  1. snorri

    snorri Legendary Member

    It never fails to excite when you hear the crane engine rev. up at lunchtime.

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  2. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru Photo Winner

    Today I've been preparing for my appraisal. I'm a bit peeved this year, so I used 2 extra sheets on one question!
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  3. OP

    Justinslow Lovely jubbly

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  4. 3narf

    3narf For whom the bell dings

    Not from today (I'm off work 'cos it's my birthday) but here's a pic from the 'office...'

  5. OP

    Justinslow Lovely jubbly

    Good, but it's not quite "scrapping moss off a patio"......


    Ps happy birthday!
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  6. oldfatfool

    oldfatfool Veteran

    No photos allowed. But building bits for Daimler and JLR among others. Beats posting for a living.
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  7. Cubist

    Cubist Still wavin' Staff Member

    Ovver 'thill
    Yep, last Wednesday. Up and about on a single walking stick now, and I can ditch that when I can walk without rolling. Can't go far, but plan is by next week Mrs Cube can take me and the dog to some flattish terrain to see how far I can stretch.
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  8. Rustybucket

    Rustybucket Über Member

    Lots of boring excel spreadsheets!

    I don't think I'll bore anyone with any photos...
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  9. CanucksTraveller

    CanucksTraveller Macho Business Donkey Wrestler

    Hitchin, Herts
    I took this picture while travelling with work, but I'm not in real estate, nor in blowing fanny horns. I just liked it.


    I'm actually in aviation and I travel around a lot, I took this at work a couple of weeks ago. When I'm not out and about I'm to be found at a desk in a very unglamorous town.

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  10. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    I've been in meetings most of the day...


    No photos allowed at work (seriously!), so this is the nearest I could find...:whistle:
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  11. Saluki

    Saluki I've run away with my friends to..

    ...New Tealandia
    Today mostly consisted of:


  12. ayceejay

    ayceejay Guru

    Rural Quebec
    Grumble grumble whinge whinge
    snow shovel.jpg
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  13. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member


    Servicing one of these.
    Maybe 2 hours work, mostly cleaning to ensure parts (and there's lots of them packed in) don't get sticky, lubricating, checking sensors, heaters.
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  14. keithmac

    keithmac Über Member

    Recomissioned an MV F4, the bike was like new (2005) but the fuel system was a wreck!.

    If you ever leave a petrol bike or car stood for long periods fill the tank to the brim and ideally add fuel stabilisers..

    20170127_151417.jpg 20170127_154034.jpg
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