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Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by jowwy, 9 Nov 2017.

  1. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    With quite a lot of new 1x options available now has anybody embraced the technology. If so what have you got - doesn't matter if its MTB, Cyclocross, Commuter, Road, TT, Triathlon Road....

    lets see the bike and list the spec and maybe why you chose that set-up
  2. stumpy66

    stumpy66 Über Member

    SRAM rival group set on the Boardman cx Team.

    I was looking to get back into mountain biking after nearly 10 years away from it after being solely on road bikes instead. I didn’t fancy the super small front chain ring that seems to b the fashion on most mtbs just now.

    The gearing is 44 front chain ring with 10-42 rear cassette. I have been hitting the forest trails near to me and loving being off road again and not spinning out on the road sections. I quickly got used to the SRAM double tap system and changed the tyres to some wider 40 mm wtb nano race for some extra off road comfort.

    23277F2E-A5EC-4351-AF5D-5EA2B9269E06.jpeg years
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  3. OP

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    I've got two builds on the go at the moment......a basic TT bike to get me back into TTs and a flatbar titanium cross bike......

    The TT will be running 48t front and 12/30 rear
    The crosser is running 36t front and 11/40 rear...

    Will post up pictures once they are finally finished
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  4. Elybazza61

    Elybazza61 Veteran

    Oh go on then:whistle: ( someone may recognise the SRAM kit);


    Planet X XLS frame
    Lauf Grit forks
    SRAM Force shifters, mech and calipers
    Shimano Sora cranks with Hope retainer ring (old Miche cranks in pic)
    Halo Vapour 29er wheels with superdrive hub
    Schwalbe X-One tubeless tyres
    Hope floating discs,carbon seatpost and seatpost clamp
    Genetic Digest bars
    Deda bars and stem
    Fabric Scoop shallow ti saddle
    Sram X-1 chain
    Shimano spd pedals
    Hope R4+ light with soon to be added District rear(not shown)
    Freebie no-brand bar tape
    Alpkit bike bags
    Planet X cages

    When available the cranks will be changed to a Hope CX one9next year hopefully:thumbsup: )and calipers to Hope RX-4;pedals will be upgraded to Shimano XT or XTR ones.

    Will swap out the bars and stem if Hope* ever make road/CX ones

    This nearly got sold but decided to make an off-road 1X; it's been crashed already:rolleyes: but it's been on some good off-piste rides already.

    *I 'may' be a Hope fanboi:becool: ;the only reason it hasn't got Hope hubs is because of the good price I get Halo kit:whistle:.
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  5. stumpy66

    stumpy66 Über Member

    3743FED2-F6A3-410C-8343-1CED1127433A.jpeg C47DCD3D-CBFB-4CAE-B011-8AF825F8175A.jpeg Some more pics
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  6. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Ho Ho Ho EXTERMINATE! Moderator

    Well, mine was 1X before 1X was a thing...
    Ribble at junction.jpg
    The bike itself is a Ribble winter frame, with a right mish-mash of components.
    Tektro brakes, a Revoshifter, riser bars, a 36T chainset and a 12-32T 7 speed cassette.
    Acera rear mech and Mavic Open Pro wheels on Tiagra hubs. Gears are 79" 68" 59" 53" 45" 37" and 30", which suits me fine for most things.
    It's been my main go-to bike for about 15 years now.
  7. steven1988

    steven1988 Senior Member

    A little bit different an not mine but my lads. Box one groupset 1x11 with an 11-46t cassette and a 34t chainring.

    Boxes push push changer works really well as it allows him to change 4 gears in one movement should he be caught out by an incline. received_10155002829598335.jpeg received_10155002829598335.jpeg
  8. 2017 Marin Pine Mountain.

    SRAM GX 1 x 10 speed, as that's just how it came.

    I was a tad worried about running out of top end grunt but it's not been an issue for me and I'm very happy with the set up.

    Full techs and specs available HERE.

  9. OP

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    I think i remember that sram kit :cheers:
  10. MacB

    MacB Lover of things that come in 3's

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  11. tincaman

    tincaman Veteran

    1x9, 42x34


    1x11, 40x36


    1x9, 36x32

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  12. EddNog

    EddNog Member

    Cherry Hill, NJ
    Hello, all! Discovered this charming forum while digging around the internet for other people’s Lauf Grit-equipped whips. Found this thread and felt that it’s too tasty to pass up! As a passionate oval chainring rider, I’ve converted all of my bikes to 1X (because double ovals shift like poop).

    First post, so I understand I can’t attach photos and my post gets pre-moderated, but I’ll give it a whirl anyway using TinyPic links...

    My race/road/club ride/sportive/Sunday best bike was actually a cyclocross bike that came as a 1x11, but the range wasn’t nearly as wide as I like, so I expanded it with a 48/11-49 setup by way of a 48T direct-mount, narrow-wide oval, 11-42 cassette with Wolf Tooth GC 49 expander and a Wolf Tooth RoadLink:

    My gravel grinder/groad/enduroad/adventure/all-road/bike-packing bike has been converted to a 1x11 44/11-52 setup by way of a 44T direct-mount, narrow-wide oval ring, 11-52 cassette (that’s not a typo) and Wolf Tooth RoadLink:

    I also converted my MTB’s stock
    2x10 setup to 1x10 30/11-42 setup by way of a 30T narrow-wide oval chainring, 11-42 cassette and OneUp derailleur cage:

    The two road bikes run SRAM Rival 1 long cage derailleurs; I had to hack the one on the gravel bike a little bit to deal with the insanely long chain.

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  13. SpokeyDokey

    SpokeyDokey 62 & 20% through Decade 7. Yikes! Moderator


    Some funky kit there - liking the Raleigh!
  14. EddNog

    EddNog Member

    Cherry Hill, NJ
    Thanks! Sadly, the weather and schedule have conspired together against me for the past few weeks since I got the new wheels/tires, handlebars and drivetrain installed, so I’ve still yet to go out on a proper ride on the Raleigh. I only just got the new fork, shifters, wheels and drivetrain set up on my gravel bike as well, just a week ago, so haven’t had a proper chance to put that bike through its paces yet, either. In fact, I can’t decide which of the two I want to take out more when the darn weather and schedule finally cooperate! I just did a minor tire setup change on the plus hardtail that I DID get to try out, but it was a very slow and easy ride with my wife, who is about 7 months pregnant, so I couldn’t REALLY test it out, but it was a very minor change, and I don’t expect a drastic change (swapped out Rocket Ron 3.0 front/Nobby Nic 2.8 rear for Nobby Nic 2.8 front/Nobby Nic 2.6 w/Apex out rear).

    I’m very, very anxious to see how the gravel bike’s drivetrain performs out on the roads and trails, since it works fine so far on the work stand, but that really doesn’t mean much in reality. Same for the Raleigh, but that one worries me a lot less since I’ve run an 11-50 cassette on there just fine for a couple of thousand miles already last season, just with 44T ring that I moved to the gravel bike, and I installed a 48T ring onto the Raleigh for this season. The 44T ring on the gravel bike is the more important change, as I was routinely spinning out the 38T that I ran all of last year, when on descents.

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  15. OP

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    The new cube mtb/all road 1x11 xt di2 drivetrain

    Xt di2 rear mech
    Xt di2 display
    Di2 climber switch
    Internal (inside leftside of handlebar) battery
    Braided rear di2 cable
    32t front chainset
    11-40 rear cassette
    Magic crossroad wheelset x 2
    Wtb nano race 2.2 tyres (27.5)
    Wtb horizon 47mm tyres

    Last edited: 13 Feb 2018
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