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Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Rohloff_Brompton_Rider, 9 Jan 2011.

  1. sackville d

    sackville d Über Member

    Got the frame from biggs682, a Racelight Gran Fondo scandium,had a root around in the spare part box,bought some new finishing kit and came up with this handsome devil.

    Gears are Ultegra 6700 stis
    6600 sl rear mech
    1055 front mech
    Gigantex carbon cranks with compact rings on 105 Octalink BB
    6600 front brake
    6500 rear brake
    Hope Pro3 on Mavic OpenPro
    New 105 carbon pedals
    Planet x bars stem saddle and bottle cages
    Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders
    I dont know if I`m imagining that the scandium is helping ride comfort but it is a very nice ride.It will be used as winter commuter and wet weather ride.

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  2. martinireland

    martinireland Leisure Cyclist

    a very nice winter bike...... full mudguards are the only way to go in my opinion. I wish I had a parts box with stuff as good as yours in it !
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  3. sackville d

    sackville d Über Member

    I was out and about at 6 this morning seeing if my dicky shoulder was feeling any better(alas no) and was caught out in heavy rain and strong winds and the PDW mudguards worked a treat.I`ve used Crud Race in the past but these metal mothers are in a different league,light strong and not a hint of rattle.

    As for the spare parts box,I know, I was supposed to sell it all in the classified section but I went and built another flaming bike again didn`t I?...Oh well.:whistle:
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  4. OP

    Rohloff_Brompton_Rider Formerly just_fixed

    As the instigator of this thread, I suppose I'd better add to it again...a Specialized Langster, track geometry but with both brakes. I've only taped the bars and added bottle cages and SPD's for my winter boots. I'm currently running 48/17, 48/18 on a double fixed hub. One of the cheapest bikes I've owned but definitely one of the best, go figure.
  5. Afnug

    Afnug Everything you can imagine is real

    Latest build, just needs a thrash round the Red Route at Dalby to see how it performs.

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  6. Ffoeg

    Ffoeg .

    The Isle of Carl
    An updated one of the Peloton, now sporting 11 speed 105

  7. Cuchilo

    Cuchilo Prize winning member X2

    New chain and cassette or just very good at cleaning ?
  8. Ffoeg

    Ffoeg .

    The Isle of Carl
    Both :smile:
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  9. SomethingLikeThat

    SomethingLikeThat Senior Member

    Felt F85

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  10. Ffoeg

    Ffoeg .

    The Isle of Carl
    Latest bargain purchase - a 'still in the box' never ridden 2013 Cube Hyde Race :smile:


    Just added an SGD Circuit Mtn saddle, XT trekking pedals (T780) and Superstar silicone grips and kevlar brake pads
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  11. monkeylc

    monkeylc Über Member

  12. Stu Smith

    Stu Smith Über Member

    :cold: My winter Aluminium. image.jpg image.jpg
  13. My Specialized Allez.

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  14. al-fresco

    al-fresco Growing older but not up...

    Stonehenge not to scale... cinelli.jpg
  15. dan_bo

    dan_bo How much does it cost to Oldham?

    Ace frame.
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