Show us your bike somewhere it “really” shouldn’t be...

My best two bikes in the spare room: they used to happily hang from the wall in the lounge but the misses has had second thoughts about it. Two others are outside in the communal 'bike room' but these two won't be joining them! Negotiations are ongoing.



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Trapped in the damn lift at Bradford Interchange station... It took ages to get out. I couldn't get any sense from the service connected to the emergency alarm intercom and nobody in the station bothered to come to the lift doors to see what the problem was. In the end I spoke to my sister on the phone and got her to organise a rescue party!

Could have done a few circuits while you waited?


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Could have done a few circuits while you waited?
Ha ha - If I'd had a cat with me then there wouldn't have been enough room to swing it. I'd had to put the bike at an angle to get it into the lift.

I wouldn't normally have bothered with the lift but I was really knackered after a very tiring all-day forum ride in the Yorkshire Dales so I thought I'd treat myself to an easy ascent to the platforms above ... :whistle:


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My wife has her bike in the living room at the moment. I dont know why. But hey ho.
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