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    I've stripped down and rebuilt most of my bikes, but not really changed much except the odd derailleur, shifter etc as necessary.

    Then just over a year ago I picked up a late 90s FS Marin and decided to have a go at modernising it. Here it was in it's original incarnation - note the lovely yellow 130mm stem!

    2016-09-08 18.41.48.jpg

    I stripped down the frame and repainted the forks and swingarm. Swapped the triple crankset for a narrow/wide oval single chain ring up front, and swapped the SRAM gripshifters for a nice STX RC shimano trigger shifter and matching mech. Fitted some decent flat pedals, new chain, cassette, and tyres. Then decided to try out my first short stem/wide bars cockpit, which made it handle a damn sight better over the rough stuff.

    One day I'll score a better swing arm, shock, and forks off ebay, and upgrade to disc brakes, but for now I'm really happy with it.
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    Will be adding the XT di2 to this on the weekend........will post up fresh pick when its done
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  3. booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

  4. meta lon

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    Pro carbon build.

  5. peterdowning

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    Winter (black) and summer (white) Pro Carbons :-) IMG_0131.JPG IMG_0124.JPG IMG_0122.JPG
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  6. Are 're-builds' acceptable?

    After repaints/frame updates?
    (not a recent bike, but one I still miss)
  7. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    If you've taken a bike totally apart (Barring the rear mech/shifters etc ) I'd say so unless it was just a 'full service'
  8. I did
    Although I personally didn't repaint it, or machine out the BB shell for better cartridge bearings
  9. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    I'd dispute that 'cartridge' BBs are better than square taper with replaceable bearing races, this does however only apply if you have an oldish shaft in good condition as the hardening on new ones is dreadful and that you service the BB regularly (every couple of years)
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  10. Ffoeg

    Ffoeg .

    The Isle of Carl
    Here a couple of Planet X London Road frames I built about a year ago. Considering they are the same frame, both are totally different to ride but great fun in their own way.

    LR Drop Side.jpg
    LR Flat Side.jpg
  11. KneesUp

    KneesUp Veteran

    Why has the electric one got the chain tensioner?
  12. Ffoeg

    Ffoeg .

    The Isle of Carl
    Simple answer is to tension the chain :smile: . But it's not connected there as I was still messing about with chain lengths and sprocket sizes and that particular iteration didn't need it.... ratios were wrong though :sad:
  13. PART 1

    Back in 1990, I replaced my ('89) Marin Pine Mountain, with a Pace Research RC100
    1990s. Marin. Pine Mountain.jpg

    I'd taken notice of this Yorkshire built MTB, from the very day I knew of it, from the magazine Mountain Biking UK (May 1989)
    (the other magazine is the USA 'Mountain Bike Action' Jan 1991)
    Mountain Biking UKMay 1989Mounfain Bike ActionJan1991.jpg

    A local shop had a second-hand one in stock, that I'd been told about, at circa £1100 (back in 1990!)

    I px'd the Pine,
    Just a couple here of it, when I first raced it
    1990s. Mountain Bike (YMBC) Post Hill. 1990.jpg 1990s. Cyclo-Cross. 1993. Johnathon Noble Memorial.jpg

    It was quite high-tech, for its day
    A square-section frame (barring head-tube & BB) - externally triple-butted!
    Bullseye cranks, which were hollow steel, & had the R/H crank welded to the axle, with the L/H crank bolting on (multiple splines)

    Magura hydraulic rim brakes, which were very powerful, but, no provision for reinserting an inflated tyre (both calipers were solid mounted

    Reynolds 531 fork-legs, replaceable separately, clamped into a machined crown

    The precursor of an Ahead-Set (or whatever name they're known by today, but, with the stem also being the steerer tube see photographs below
    (granted, differing stem lengths were an issue, but if ordered new, the correct length/angle was supplied
    Grease-nipples (vehicle type) on the BB & head-set (later on, when they produced their own hubs, those had a grease port too)

    Not My Pace
    Just for illustration
    Pace Research RC100. 3.jpg Pace Research RC100. 5.jpg Pace Research RC100. 8.jpg Pace Research RC100. 9.jpg

    PART 2 below.........
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  14. PART 2
    Sorry folks, Part 1 was just a bit of background:angel:

    As stated above, the cranks utilised a press-fit bearing
    However, as the splines wore, & the fact that lateral play was only stopped by the tightness, & a rather small (little fingernail, or smaller!) collet
    That said, they did come in a varying range of sizes;
    152mm, 157mm, 162mm, 167mm, 172mm, 178mm, 181mm, 184mm
    And, amazingly a 222mm:eek:

    It started to get a bit worn. chipped
    So, I decided to revamp it (bad move, with hindsight)
    I took it back to the factory/workshops, which at that time, were in Leeming (between Denholme & Oxenhope), not the Leeming up the A1, with the RAF base

    Duncan sorted it out for me (one of the designers/engineers/company owners)
    I did contemplate asking him to upgrade(??) it to cantilever bosses, but was talked out of it

    I think, from memory Ellis-Briggs painted it
    During the time away, I'd done some shopping
    A Ritchey seat-pin, to get more set-back
    Gary Proud, at Kendell Cycles (Castleford) built me a new pair of wheels
    Mavic 231(?) rims, D/B spokes, onto Deore XT2 hubs (7-speed, at the time)
    Specialised Hard-Park 1.5" tyres (I rode 'light', due to the CX)

    Cue, aged, silly (scanned) prints

    The fork-legs, stem & cranks were chrome-plated
    1990s. Mountain Bike. Pace Research. Renovation .1.jpg 1990s. Mountain Bike. Pace Research. Renovation .2A.jpg 1990s. Mountain Bike. Pace Research. Renovation. 3.jpg 1990s. Mountain Bike. Pace Research. Renovation .4.jpg 1990s. Mountain Bike. Pace Research. Renovation. 5.jpg

    As An Aside
    And, from the past too
    My near namesake, who I still see every so often
    I also know his brother Robert, who was on the National Junior CX squad, with Richard.............. and a certain young lad by the name of Roger Hammond
    1991 - 1992?
    1990s. Mountain Bike. Bingley. St Ives Estate.jpg

    This often caused confusion, as organisers/signers-on thought I was in wrong category/changed clubs/looked older when stationary, etc.....
    In fact it still does, on various cycling forums/social media

    2016, at the (Bingley Harriers) 'Harriers v Cyclists' race
    Richard is a 'BH' member, as are the Brownlees (who he sometimes rides with) and Rob Jebb

    2016. Harriers v Cyclists. 2.jpg

    Apologies, if it was a bit rambling, but I presume there'd have been questions about the Pace frame/fork design, so I thought I'd try to pre-empt them
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  15. MontyVeda

    MontyVeda a short-tempered ill-controlled small-minded troll

    I know it's a three year old post but... WTF is that?! :eek:
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